The Quality Teaching Philosophy was developed in the process of identifying the policy priorities for the Board in consideration of its functions and legislative framework. The Board identified that a philosophy statement regarding quality teaching was needed, to sit above all of the Board’s quality teaching initiatives and practices.

The term “Quality Teaching” is contained within the Teacher Registration (Northern Territory) Act 2004 (the Act), and in many of the Board’s documents, statements, and within its organisational structure. One of the Board’s statutory objectives is to facilitate the continuing competence of teachers, and quality teaching and educational leadership, in the Territory.

There are few examples in the literature that provide a definition of quality teaching, and the Board’s legislation and existing governance documents do not define the term.

“Quality” is not a measurable term and is open to interpretation. The purpose of the Quality Teaching Philosophy is to ensure that the teaching profession could understand what we, as the Board, mean when we use the term Quality Teaching.

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