Certification at the Highly Accomplished and Lead career stages of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers is granted for a fixed period of five years. Teachers intending to maintain their national certification must apply for renewal of certification according to the Guide to the Renewal of Certification.

The purpose of the renewal of certification process is to verify an applicant’s ongoing performance at the relevant career stage. This process is part of the quality assurance mechanism with the national certification process.


Renewal Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply for renewal of certification an applicant must:

  • Have been certified as Highly Accomplished or Lead teacher for the previous five year period
  • Have maintained full registration with the TRB NT over the previous five year period (if registration has been awarded in another jurisdiction, documentation will need to be provided to demonstrate full registration has been maintained)
  • Have an authentic teaching role/position in a classroom situation where the applicant is responsible for ongoing teaching program, assessment and reporting during their term of certification.
  • Have been assessed as satisfactory in their annual performance assessments for the previous five year period
  • Have been endorsed by their principal/delegate

What is involved in the renewal process?

The Teacher registration Board of the Northern Territory, as the Certifying Authority, outlines specific jurisdictional requirements for applicants seeking renewal of Certification in the NT. This can be located within the HALT policy.

Renewal process.png

Submission of Intention to Renew

All certified teachers must complete the Intention for Renewal of Certification Form upon renewal notification from the TRB NT, regardless of whether they wish to renew or not. For any further information regarding renewal, please contact the HALT Certification Team

Cost for Renewal 

Each individual application will incur a non-refundable cost of $500 which will be paid to the TRB prior to submitting renewal documentation. This can be done by logging in to MyTRB and clicking on the payments tab.

renewal payment.png

Click on Payments then scroll down to Pay HALT Renewal Fee, and follow instructions.