In order to make an application for registration in the Northern Territory, an applicant must hold the prescribed qualifications for registration and must not be disqualified from registration by the Board.

Complete Applications

Your application must be complete for it to be accepted by the Board. An application for registration is considered to be complete when the office of the Board determines that:

  • You hold the prescribed qualifications for registration;
  • You are not disqualified from registration by the Board;
  • You have applied using the correct approved form and have completed the form with all required information;
  • Your application is accompanied by all documents required by the approved form; and
  • You have paid the prescribed registration and application fees.

You will be advised in writing when your application is complete and accepted by the Board. If your application is incomplete, you will be advised in writing that your application has not been accepted and the steps required of you to complete the application.

You will be required to provide the Board with evidence of your eligibility for registration. This means providing the Board with documentation to prove your qualifications, identity, professional experience and currency of practice, personal details and, where necessary, your English language proficiency and proof of good standing.

For more information on the process and requirements for applying for registration that best meets your circumstances, click on the appropriate link below: