The Teacher Registration (Northern Territory) Act requires that a Professional Development Framework (the Framework) be implemented to facilitate the continuing competency and quality of the teaching profession. The Framework provide guidance for all Northern Territory teachers around working individually and collaboratively to improve the quality of their teaching practice, and empowers teachers to achieve professional growth, improve professional standing and progress within the teaching profession.

The Framework applies to all teachers who are registered or authorised to teach in the Northern Territory, irrespective of career stage, geographical location or employment status. It encourages teachers to have meaningful engagement in professional development to enhance the contribution that they make, not only to children and young people, but to their peers and to the teaching profession.

Under this Framework, teachers are responsible for ensuring they comply with the minimum requirements of the Framework, by completing the required amount of relevant professional development activities within the specified timeframes.

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Professional Development Activities Log Template

The following template is an optional tool that teachers may use to record professional development activities. It is not mandatory that teachers record their professional development activities in this template, however any template or record-keeping mechanism used must incorporate the record-keeping requirements set out in the Framework.

Professional Development Activities Log

Professional Development Activities Log for Principal's and school leaders

Annotated Exemplar: Professional Development Activities Log