TRBNT supports the Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD) initiative

The ATWD Teacher Survey is providing important insight into the teaching profession.

Each year teachers across Australia are sharing their story to help us understand everyday teaching experiences and challenges such as time spent on teaching and other activities, working hours and out-of-field teaching.

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TRBNT is committed to quality teaching. The ATWD is a valuable, evidence-based workforce planning resource that will help us understand how we can better support teachers and build a sustainable teaching profession.

Every teacher’s story matters

The annual ATWD Teacher Survey enables teachers to tell us directly about their unique experiences and insights. To truly understand the modern teaching experience, we need to hear from as many teachers as possible. We would love to hear your story.

The ATWD Teacher Survey is a voluntary, 10-minute survey for teachers and school leaders. It is the largest survey of the teacher workforce in Australia.

How to participate in the ATWD Teacher Survey

On the 7 Sept 2022 the TRBNT emailed all registered teachers inviting them to complete the annual ATWD Teacher Survey.  TRBNT encourages everyone to participate.

The ATWD protects privacy

The ATWD complies with all Commonwealth, state and territory privacy legislation. It contains only de-identified data; no personal information is included, and individual teachers cannot be identified.

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